About Our Company


Today, we are living in a digitalized world. No office, home or industry today can think about existing without a computer or networking. Say your phone calls, ATM, TV and many other technologies need to function with network connectivity. The increasing need of networking technology today demands thousands of new professional every day.

Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India has predicted in 2012, India's electronics hardware industry will be worth US $40 billion in near future. Managing computer servers, networks and desktops remotely is going to be a next booming business to emerge in Offshore Technical Services.

India employs a large number of networking engineers, is set to touch US $13 - 15 Billion by the year 2013. NASSCOM forecasts that the Hardware & Networking sector will make major share of the 3,75,000 new employments by the year 2013 for Networking Professionals. The growth in Banking, telecom, BPO, retail, manufacturing & other sectors are requires more Hardware & Networking engineers in near future.

Networking Technologies is a data communications consulting company, offering specialized technical services for the design, implementation, and support of network infrastructure and servers since 1998. With a combined total of over 100 years experience, our Professional Services team provides expertise for solving network performance and stabilization issues, and performs objective network evaluations, providing trustworthy budget guidelines as you plan for future growth.

We are offering basic and advanced network monitoring, and trending and baseline data, to provide a pro-active rather than reactive approach toward maintaining client network performance and integrity.

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