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Networks are an essential and integral part of any IT strategy which is as important as the systems and processes they support. Network speed and reliability are paramount and Cyber-Hunt network services are reliable and secure, offering 99.98% network uptime availability. From physical cabling to bandwidth provision, we understand our customers’ needs and resourcefully ensure the connection of customer’s equipment to the outside world.

Our wide array of advanced network capabilities optimized access to your mission-critical data and systems which include the services below:

• Data Center Bandwidth – Cyber-Hunt currently provides customers with dedicated internet bandwidth of 128 kbps, 256 kbps, 512 kbps, 1 to 1000 Mbps within our data center premises for their internet connections. Our network connectivity is powered by reliable local and international Tier 1 upstream communication providers.
• Network Load Balancing – Our Load Balancing services give you the ability to provide traffic management and delivery optimization across servers located within a single hosting site or throughout remote sites, regardless of the platforms used. We provide load balancing service to customers and ensure requests are routed to the server in the shortest time possible, thereby improving performance for end users and customers.
• Internet Access - Cyber-Hunt provides a wide range of Internet access solutions for businesses of all sizes. From private DSL to Leased line and Metro Ethernet connections, we are certain you'll find a solution that meets your needs.
• Managed Metro-Ethernet - It is commonly used as a network access to connect subscribers and businesses to a Wide Area Network, such as the Internet connecting from one building to another via LAN cable of 1Mbps to 1Gbps. Our Metro-E capitalizes on the scalability and flexibility of the Ethernet protocol to provide powerful LAN connectivity to address the accelerating need to move more data.
• Managed IP VPN / MPLS - As your company grows, your need for secure communications among locations grows. Cyber-Hunt’s IP VPN Solutions offer your business a secure connection to locations across the nation, all while keeping your current network protocols and ensuring privacy.
Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a part of a range of convergence solutions provided by Cyber-Hunt that are simple, convenient and cost-effective, providing business with a fully managed end-to-end networking service across multiple sites. MPLS offers faster speed, flexible scalability and optimal traffic engineering.
• Managed IPLC / Leased Line – Cyber-Hunt provides International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC), an internationally dedicated point-to-point leased line service between customers’ premises around the world, which provides optimum platform for global private networks.

Cyber-Hunt’s Managed Network Services

Staying ahead of the game in today’s marketplace is challenging. Technology is continually evolving and investing in infrastructure and systems is both an expensive and risky business. Now more than ever you face pressure to reduce both capital and operational costs. And at the same time your customers demand the latest product and services, so you need to innovate rapidly too.
This is where our managed services capabilities can help to play a significant role in driving your business forward.
Through creativity, commercial diligence, technology know-how, delivery and operational expertise, we have designed and implemented many Managed Network Services for customers. Our capabilities cover a range of areas including access infrastructure, backhaul and core services as well as contact center’s, legacy and next generation migrations.
Cyber-Hunt worldwide network expertise and knowledge is beyond any question. As a matter of fact, in networking technology we set the standard. Cyber-Hunt runs and has implemented the world’s largest network infrastructures, and has spent millions of dollars in developing its own end to end infrastructure among its group members. This capability has a goal and a mean, to offer the best of breed in network support infrastructure to our Customer, as we will expect for ourselves. From local troubleshooting to remote fixing, performance monitoring and consulting, Cyber-Hunt network services serve today every size of company around the world.

  • • Network services comprises particularly :
    • o Network design Establishing the networking infrastructure requirements to configuration and software portfolio, including associated costs incurred by the implementation
    • o Network deployment Transition from an existing architecture or entire cabling of a new structure.
    • o Network Operation management :
      • Problem investigation: remote diagnosis and problem identification to the invocation of relevant on-site service provision if necessary.
      • Telephone advice and guidance: guidance on use, management and enhancement of the network.
      • Network configuration management: physical and logical network configuration management.
      • Carrier link management: when a 3rd party telecommunication provider carries the network, Fujitsu will provide necessary evidence for resolution of the problem.

Service options may include performance measurement and monitoring, remote diagnosis equipment and service, secure site assistance or cable repairs.

Trust your network to the experts

Managing networks is our business. We have more than 8 years of experience delivering managed network services. We can help you understand the core elements driving your global communication networks and implement a strategy to improve reach, performance, capacity, and reliability.

Simplified business is good business

Our people, expertise, and tools can help you efficiently evaluate and incorporate emerging technologies. And we can accommodate your most demanding business requirements – including managing third-party networks. The scope of support, from simple monitoring to complex outsourcing, is up to you. Our WAN, LAN, and Internet management solutions, supported by industry-leading service level agreements, can help you improve application performance and availability, protect your business processes and assets, and keep your network – and your business – moving.

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