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  •  Does your company have a large volume of data stored in different databases within your organization?
  •  Are minor changes to your production system causing major impact on your reporting system?
  •  Are you confident with the quality of your data?

Our specialized focus on data quality is to ensure that high quality data is delivered to you for your decision making.

The need of a data warehousing solution

Most companies expect that transaction processing systems will complete their tasks in an acceptable time. If reports and queries run on the transaction server, they will occupy server processing resources and increase the transaction processing time beyond acceptable limits. The best way to avoid this situation is to implement a data warehousing solution.

You recognize the need for better information about your customers’ behavior, you understand the value of management information and you’re eager to understand more about your business and your customers.

But you do not have the internal resources to get this level of detailed business analysis, nor do you have the budget to design, build, deploy and run your own business intelligence system.

To respond to these challenges, organizations can benefit of (Data warehousing as a Service), Cyber-Hunt’s on-demand data warehousing service that allows you to gain fast, detailed analysis of your data, but on your terms and within your budget. By providing a on-demand service, Cyber-Hunt solves several issues common within the data analytics industry. Notably, the inability of over-stretched IT departments to respond to the changing needs of business units.

Cyber-Hunt harnesses the power and flexibility of WX2, a fast, scalable database that is specifically designed for large-scale data analytics. Clients worldwide use Cyber-Hunt for their large-scale data analytics projects and simply pay on a “pay-per-use” basis. They don’t worry about the overhead of implementing a data warehouse onsite, or the cost of assembling an IT team to service, maintain and support the database and its users.

Data Warehouse Service

Today, with data available in many different formats, from varying sources, and via diverse access methods, companies need a solution for managing business information. In addition, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and internal audit demands have made reliable data management vital. While many companies offer the individual components necessary to produce a data warehouse, such a solution can be difficult to support and manage, and expensive to implement. Data Warehousing is an affordable data management solution that ensures that you will have your information, when you need it in a format that is organized and easy to find.

Along with the largest and most experienced staff of Data Warehousing Consultants, Cyber-Hunt offers you a comprehensive and robust portfolio of Data Warehouse Services to help you get the most out of your investment.

Because Cyber-Hunt provides a truly unique solution based on the simplicity of a single central data warehouse, we offer Data Warehousing Services tailored to the specific needs of a wide variety of industries.

Cyber-Hunt will install a Commodity Data Server system on your site or on our located server. Then, with the Data Warehouse Service, Cyber-Hunt will acquire, process, quality assure, test and re-distribute your data to the locations you need. With the Data Warehouse Service subscription, Cyber-Hunt will monitor your data warehouse 24/7/365. In addition, you can see the condition of your data warehouse at any time. Status screens are accessible from any web browser on a network, allowing you to receive up-to-the-minute details on your data.

Key components of the Data Warehouse Service include:
  • • Java Programs: Vendor-specific Java programs are employed for the downloading and processing of the data while standard framework Java programs are used to update, package, test and distribute the data.
  • • Internet Friendly Design: Data can be accessed, monitored and analyzed using any standard Web browser. The user interface assists you in monitoring the data delivery cycle and aids in updating and creating new data implementations. A Job Status screen displays the vendors, their jobs and job status.
  • • Scheduling and Control: The operator has absolute control over the system with built-in tools for monitoring and analyzing the entire process, as well as the ability to automate phases of the delivery cycle.
  • • Quality Assurance: We run 3,400 quality assurance phases each week on millions of data points and can provide custom data filtering and tolerance calculations tailored to your specific requirements.
  • • Redundancy: A fully redundant, mirrored off-site facility assures a protected data process. • Unmatched Performance: Proprietary time-series database technology provides unlimited storage capacity and split-second retrieval speed.

The advantages of Cyber-Hunt’s Data Ware Housing Service

  • :: No overhead
  • :: Fast execution of analysis projects
  • :: Focus on innovation, not infrastructure
  • :: World-class security
  • :: Lower costs
  • :: Continuous service delivery
  • :: Hosted applications

Benefits of Lister Data Warehousing Solution

Our flexible development process can accommodate changes in business requirement which are crucial to the sustenance of a data warehouse.

  • • Easier reporting and analysis of information for your sales invoices, order receipts, general ledger charges, etc.
  • • Preserve historical business information for easy retrieval and analysis.
  • • Improve the quality of your reporting and analysis system by identifying and resolving inconsistencies in the data.
  • • Work in conjunction and enhance the value of operational business application, notably customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • • Get a robust ETL system that is well-controlled and efficiently moves data from different applications to the data warehouse.

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