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Cyber Law Consulting

Cyber-Hunt Consulting offers an unconventional process outsourcing experience, powered by a combination of domain expertise, process skills, superior technology and Legal understanding.

We help you achieve your business goals by enabling you to focus on core functions, rather than wasting valuable time on non-core and people-Time intensive processes.

As security professionals, most of you are familiar with vulnerability assessments and penetration tests (pen tests for short). Both are valuable tools that can benefit any security program and they are both integral components of a Threat and Vulnerability Management process. However, the two are unfortunately often used interchangeably due to marketing hype and other influences, which has lead to confusion and wasted resources for many enterprises. With that in mind, I'd like to try to clear the air between vulnerability assessments and pen tests and hopefully eliminate some of that confusion between the two.

Cyber-Hunt Consulting is uniquely positioned to service your requirements, by leveraging our tenets of quality and innovation, talent, and self-sustaining process framework and domain knowledge. We offer customized service offerings that translate into the most flexible and cost-effective services of the highest quality.

Cyber-Hunt Consulting has been a critical partner to all its customers in achieving their business goals. Cyber-Hunt Consulting has in-depth expertise in delivering e-documentation services and process-specific solutions in areas like Legal Process Outsourcing, IPR, e-Publishing, e-commerce, Software Services , Audit & Compliance.

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