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To be proactive and align limited resources with suitable cybercrime prevention, Organizations should better understand present cybercrime and fraud trends as they relate to protecting customers, as well as the negative impact fraud may have on the business. This knowledge will help organizations make informed decisions about the next steps for achieving formalization of a strategy for fraud mitigation in present and future products and services. The aim is to lower losses, minimize end user impact and lower operational costs.

Cyber-Hunt is a legal consultancy company specialized in the fields of data protection, privacy, cybercrime, intellectual property, and the Internet. Cyber-Hunt aims to make the Internet a safer place by providing awareness, information and tips to Internet users (children, adults and seniors) to help them protect themselves against e-criminals and scammers.

As security professionals, most of you are familiar with vulnerability assessments and penetration tests (pen tests for short). Both are valuable tools that can benefit any security program and they are both integral components of a Threat and Vulnerability Management process. However, the two are unfortunately often used interchangeably due to marketing hype and other influences, which has lead to confusion and wasted resources for many enterprises. With that in mind, I'd like to try to clear the air between vulnerability assessments and pen tests and hopefully eliminate some of that confusion between the two.

Cyber-Hunt provides the latest information on privacy and data protection legislation and the newest Cyber-Hunt trends, such as scam, cyber threats, and identity theft methods, through: regular articles and video tutorials posted on the Cyber-Hunt blog; tailored educational programs for organizations, schools and companies; and independent consulting.

We emphasize on progressive learning with the proper blend of techniques and tools, equipping our students to face the real world cyber challenges. Our vision is to reach out to those potential candidates, providing them a state-of-the-art training, internationally competent skills and the right exposure to a global career.

We at Cyber-Hunt have a pool of experts well trained and experienced with proven track records in cybercrime Cyber-criminal Cyber Law consulting.

We accumulate and analyze digital evidence for cyber trails. A few of the fraud Cyber-crime consulting we have dealt includes organized crimes, terrorist operations, online banking frauds, online share trading fraud, source code theft, credit card fraud, tax evasion, virus attacks, cyber sabotage, phishing attacks, email hijacking, denial of services, hacking, murder cases, defamation, pornography, extortion, smuggling etc

Cyber-Hunt’s cybercrime consulting service is designed to elevate your organization’s cybercrime knowledge and provide insights for security experts, IT managers and executives. There will be an exploration of the various issues that affect the organization now or that may potentially affect the organization in future.

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Implementing a robust and scalable security infrastructure can be a complex task in an enterprise environment. Cyber-Hunt Consulting has extensive experience in solving complex information security issues, developing sound security and mitigation strategies, and deploying RSA security infrastructure solutions for companies across the globe. Other service offerings that may help your organization are:

  • – Fraud Assessment & Strategy.
  • – Fraud Operations Review.
  • – Fraud Red Team Testing.

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