About Our Company


Cyber-Hunt Consulting Services delivers a comprehensive portfolio of digital risk and security offerings. These offerings are designed to help your organization understand the digital risks and opportunities it faces, how to mitigate these risks and optimize opportunities. Most importantly, Cyber-Hunt solutions and services sustain the risk reductions, operational improvements and cost savings that are achieved. Our approach and solutions are aligned with your business goals. Our methodologies are based on recognized industry standards and leading best practices and most importantly are inherently flexible to be customized to clients’ unique needs. Our expertise has been built over decades of real-world experience designing, implementing and sustaining solutions in a wide range of environments and industries. Cyber-Hunt consultants liaise closely with your organization, becoming an integral part of the team as we contribute our expertise, insight and skills. As your trusted advisor, we work with you to design, deploy and sustain the most effective and cost-effective solutions for your unique needs and environment.

Why Cyber-Hunt Consulting Services

  • • Provide stakeholders comfort and confidence that technical, informational and reputational assets are well protected
  • • Lower the burden and effort of regulatory compliance
  • • Align risk and security investments with business strategies and goals
  • • Reduce operating risk and costs through and business based, enterprise-wide risk planning and protection
  • • Maximize security and IT investments and effectiveness
  • • Simplify business processes and IT complexity
  • • Achieve higher levels of digital risk and information security preparedness faster, more economically, more efficiently than building it internally
  • • Optimize staff knowledge, skills, efficiency and effectiveness
  • • Mitigate risk by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before they become threats or incidents
  • • A comprehensive approach that encompasses a beginning-to-end approach that addresses all aspects of your business security risks across people, process, technology, information and reputation
  • • Minimize the impact of a security breach by providing immediate, expert oversight of the mitigation process

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