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Cyber-Hunt is providing service of Security Audit, that is less intrusive than a Penetration Test, and consists of scientific and administrative approaches to information security. During a Security Audit certified security analysts are collaborating with IT department of a client and act like auditors, but not like hackers. Security Auditing is a more formal approach to corporate IT Risk Management.

Cyber-Hunt security audits and assessments help you identify, manage, and reduce your risks. As Certified Information Systems Auditors, Cyber-Hunt offers a full range of audits and assessments including:

  • • Ethical hacker penetration testing
  • • Security vulnerability assessments and audits
  • • Compliance audits and industry requirements
  • • Certified Auditor Letter to satisfy customer requests
  • • Initial and follow-up audit after corrective action
  • • Enhance information security and asset protection

we offer ethical hacking, information risk management, source code review, post-incident forensics, malware analysis, security training, ISO 27001 certifications, security consulting, vulnerability scanning and management should be certified by such certifications.

Regular usage of Ethical Hacking services significantly reduces your corporate information security risks, and prevents your corporate PCs becoming zombies in various botnets, sending spam or performing DDoS attacks.

Security Audit and Assessment

Cyber-Hunt review your systems and provide you with a Security Assessment Report of our scope, security vulnerabilities, and recommendations to secure your systems. Our Security Action Plan Report provides a prioritized risk response executive summary of tasks that eliminate or reduce your risks.

We’ve been 100% successful in finding threats that others have missed. At Cyber-Hunt, our goal is to make sure you’re protected on every front. That’s why we’re the only firm that can offer unsurpassed assurance that we will find security risks that others have missed.

Certified Auditor Letter

As a Certified Information Systems Auditor, we offer certification that your systems meet minimum security requirements. We provide security assurance to customers and government agencies (FTC, SEC, FFIEC,HIPAA, PCI, FACTA, ITAR, etc.).

Why Cyber-Hunt

We provide you with options, each with its own pricing to provide you with the best value possible. Cyber-Hunt provides:

  • • Certified Auditor Letter for your clients
  • • Our Secure Seal provides visitors peace of mind
  • • Reasonable and competitive rates
  • • Excellent reputation
  • • Prioritized recommendations to secure systems
  • • Follow-up assessment - ensure your holes are closed and no new vulnerabilities were created
Representative Experience

Our unique approach to identifying hidden threats and gaps is the reason we’ve been trusted by leading organizations and government institutions for over 8 years.

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